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When My Sister Does Well

“When my Sister does well, I do well.”

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Working Wive’s Hectic Mornings

Yes, sometimes I still have a hectic morning; but they are few and far between. And even on those mornings, I try to remember to just be still.

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Sponsors and Advocates and Mentors…Oh My!

Women tend to do well with identifying Mentors.  In fact, we are mentored to death.  Where we fail ourselves and our careers is in being under-Sponsored which has a direct, negative impact to our ability to advance our careers.

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What Are Most Women Afraid Of?

As a Wife and Mother, my greatest fear is failing my Husband and Children.

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Live Life Fearlessly

I’m too old to allow fear to have a hold on me. I’m choosing to Live Life like I won’t wake up tomorrow. That means I have a lot to do and get done.

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How Do You Preserve Your Credibility After A Major Screw Up?

  A few weeks ago, while at our off-site studio, an associate came up to me and said, “Hi. How are you?  I’m the one who left you the voicemail about changing my address.”  I thought OMG, this voicemail was left on Tuesday and today is Friday.  I never got back to him but had every […]

I Don’t Have a BFF

I don’t have a BFF. I’ve had best friends at points in my life, but there is no one from my childhood whom I have known forever and who knows everything about me. With the exception of my Husband, no other person has shared more of my life with me than my Mother and Sister. […]

How Do I Live Without My Mother?

A few days ago, Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston’s daughter, passed away. There’s been lots of speculation and talk about her substance abuse and reckless lifestyle; and that being why she tried to kill herself and is now dead. I don’t know why this Young Lady tried to take her own life. In light of the […]

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I Am Camille Cosby

After 50+ years of marriage, I believe it would be difficult for me to toss my Husband and Marriage aside with reckless abandon. 

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Deeply Rooted Beliefs: When Your World Is Turned Upside Down

I’ve held to the belief that people, I, should do things because they are what I want to do; not because someone else wants me to do them or thinks I should. That belief has taken me as far along my Life’s Journey as it can….

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